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STOK Vaporizer


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Product details

The Stok Vaporizer is a powerful pen style vaporizer.  Don’t let the size fool you; this little guy can pack a powerful punch.  It is available in a matte black, and is perfect for beginners and advanced users alike. 


  • Stealth design
  • Long lasting battery
  • Ultra compatible
  • 510 threading


The Stok vaporizer is approximately 6.5 inches long.

What materials are compatible with the Stok Vaporizer?

The Stok Vaporizer is compatible with dry herbs, waxy concentrates, e-liquids and essential oils.

What is included with the Stok Vaporizer?

1x battery

1x heater cover

1x heater chamber

1x cartomizer

1x mouthpiece



Stok Offer a full lifetime warranty on all of its products, save for shipping and processing charges that may ensue.  They offer two options within the warranty provided that your first fill out a warranty service form.  You can send your product back to Stok and have them evaluate, troubleshoot, and refurbish the unit.  However, you may also send the product back to Stok and get a brand new unit with only a $10 upcharge. How it Works- The Stok Vaporizer works in similar way to every other pen style vaporizer.  Simply load your materials into the corresponding chamber.  Press the power button 5 times rapidly to power on, and simultaneously press the power button down again and inhale.  For more detailed instruction on working each chamber, be sure to reference your instruction manual. Cleaning and Maintenance- Do not get the battery wet, as this could pose a safety hazard.  Clean the chamber with a damp cotton swab.  You can use wither rubbing alcohol or warm water and soap.


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