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With large, clean, tasty clouds, it’s no wonder that vaping is hugely popular. The clouds look good, they taste good and they even smell good. And since vaping produces vapor and not smoke, you can vape just about anywhere! (Not gonna lie, I definitely vaped in my Grandma’s house.)

Best of all, vaping helps people quit smoking (disgusting) cigarettes. And because of this, we couldn’t be more proud to be part of this trend. We’re in good company, too. Today, some vloggers, like ViP Trippers, have almost 1 million subscribers! And most videos, like pretty much anything from Zophie Vapes, are entertaining and help you virtually demo vapes, which is awesome for those times when you’re deciding between the countless vapes on the market.

Some people may not understand vape culture, but we do. Obviously, we love vaping, maybe even more than most people. Humans have been smoking since humanity began, but this is next-generation smoking for the high-tech world. Technology has given us a way to smoke that’s better for the environment, the smoker, and the smoker’s friends, loved ones, pets — basically everyone. 

You know what else vape technology has given us? Vape tricks. If you haven’t checked out vape trick videos, do yourself a favor and do it right now. It’s insane what people can do with massive vape clouds. Some tricks don’t even look real! It’s amazing that people can do these tricks, but even more amazing that they can think them up. It’s basically a new art form and I’m expecting vape tricks to be included in the Smithsonian any day now.

Personally, I like the videos in nature because I happen to love the outdoors, but I have to say, there are some table tricks that blow my mind and I doubt those are possible outside — please someone prove me wrong!

We are so in love with vape tricks and the vape lifestyle, that we want to support people who are making these videos and doing these tricks. Are you a vape trick master or into reviewing vapes? Let us know! We’ll send you your vape of choice in return for your creative genius in video form. With over 800 items in stock, we know you’ll find something you’ve always wanted.

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