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5 Things You Should Check Before Buying a Vaporizer




The price counts! So, the first thing you should check is your budget  versus  your needs.

The cheapest vaporizers are classic ones which have less technology but longer warranty. They are less accurate and require more skills to operate but it doesn’t mean that they are worse.  The price of vaporizers ranges from 100$ to 500$. For those who treat vaporizer as an investment , high price will go along with higher quality and efficiency .

 When you choose somethings that will meet  your budget and your needs ( use VapePatrick for 15% Off ), think where you are going to use your vaporizer, and we can go to step 2.




Now, you need to choose  whether you need a portable or desktop vaporizer. The portability of vaporizer is important for people who are on the go. The perfect portable vaporizer should be small, easy to clean and battery operated.

Although portable vaporizers work for both outside and home use, but  most of them  often have smaller chambers and shorter battery lives compared to desktop vaporizers. This makes desktop vaporizers a better option for those who enjoy longer sessions or sharing with friends, because they offer a variety of ways to inhale, including balloons, whips and even water-pipe extensions.



There are two types of heating methods for vaporizers: conduction and convection. Conduction involves the transfer of heat through direct contact while convection involves heat transfer via air particles.

Naturally, convection is considered a superior method since the heating element and the material never touch. But convection is also more difficult – and more expensive – to achieve.

Conduction heating is more common in portable vaporizers. The biggest drawback to conduction-style vaporizers is that they risk combusting the material instead of vaporizing it. Conduction may also result in uneven heating, requiring you to periodically stir/shake the material.



If you want to get nice, smooth vapor, you should keep in mind material which your vaporizer is made out for. Glass or ceramic vaporizers are better than plastic or aluminum ones as they are easy to keep in cleanness and don’t emit any unwanted substances than can mix with herbs during vaporization.

Before you buy vaporizer, check out what people’s thoughts are on them. Look for reliable manufacturers and long warranty. Stick to the rules and make your vaporizer be your best buy.



This is more relevant to portable vaporizers, since desktop vaporizers usually rely on wall adapters which are generally consistent across brands.

Although a few portable vaporizers run on butane, most of them use  some type of rechargeable battery. Certain types may be more durable and last longer than others. Unfortunately, it’s hard to compare battery quality between vaporizers without owning them first. Still, if the batteries are internal, you should make sure the vaporizer is backed by a warranty that covers battery replacement.

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